Kevin M. Carroll has experience drafting and presenting appeals.  He can provide consultation and advice on pending litigation in order to preserve issues on appeal.  Attorney Carroll can handle all aspects of your appeal including notice of appeal, identifying the issues on appeal, drafting the appeals brief, preparing and assembling the appendix and the presentation of the oral argument to the court.

The notice of appeal must be filed within a short period of time after the entry of judgment in order to preserve the right to appeal.  The notice of appeal is just the first step in a process that is carefully regulated by the rules of appellate procedure.  The issues on appeal need to be identified and researched and the areas of the transcript or record supporting the argument must be reviewed.  A sound appeals brief presents the arguments in a concise, cogent and competent fashion.  Kevin M. Carroll can be retained as appellate counsel or simply to research and draft the brief as part of the Lawyer Litigation Support Service provided to attorneys admitted to practice in Massachusetts.  Kevin M. Carroll can be retained on an hourly fee, flat fee or blended fee basis.