Litigation Support

 Kevin M. Carroll will provide litigation support to lawyers admitted to practice in Massachusetts.  Attorneys who may not have time to research or draft motions or opposition documents or prepare or respond to discovery can benefit from the lawyer litigation support provided by Kevin M. Carroll.  Attorney Carroll can write appeals briefs, pleadings, motions, oppositions and memoranda of law on behalf of plaintiffs or defendants in a vast array of practice areas.  Kevin M. Carroll has experience in complex civil litigation and is available to draft motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment, preliminary injunctions, real estate attachments or opposition documents.  Attorney Carroll takes pride in producing a competent and reliable product on time and on budget while adhering to tight time constraints.

Depending upon the the motion or opposition documents you require, Kevin M. Carroll will perform the work either at your office or electronically using the internet.  Documents that are privileged or subject to trade secret are retained by counsel to ensure that they remain confidential.

In addition to drafting appeals, pleadings, motions, memoranda of law and oppositions, Kevin M. Carroll can also provide litigation support through the preparation or response to discovery.  Interrogatories, document requests and requests for admissions can be prepared on an hourly or flat fee basis.  Also, subpoenas and notices of deposition Mass R Civ P 30(b)(6) can be prepared in short order.  Deposition outlines and abstracts can be prepared at reasonable rates.

Kevin M. Carroll is available to serve as trial counsel on your case.  If you need an attorney to present your case at trial or simply help you pick a jury, Kevin M. Carroll is available to meet with you an your client.  Trial services are performed on an hourly, flat fee or contingent basis.  All trial serivces or services that involve a court appearance by Kevin M. Carroll will require a fee agreement with the client.  All hourly agreements will require a retainer.