Forms and Contracts

The following is a description of the various contracts used by Kevin M. Carroll in providing legal services to clients and lawyers licensed to practice in Massachusetts.  A signed contract is required, in every case, in order to establish an attorney client relationship with Kevin M. Carroll.  Attorney Carroll will not undertake any legal representation without a fully executed fee agreement.  The lawyer litigation support agreement does not create an attorney client relationship and is required, in every case, before any litigation support services are provided.

Client Contingent Fee Agreement - A contingent fee contract creates an attorney client relationship and provides compensation to Kevin M. Carroll upon recovery by settlement or judgment.  Work is performed by Kevin M. Carroll at no initial cost to the client.  When the case is resolved Kevin M. Carroll is paid an agreed percentage from the gross proceeds of the settlement or judgment.  The costs are typically advanced by Kevin M. Carroll and paid by the client when the case is resolved.

Client Hourly Fee Agreement - An hourly fee agreement creates an attorney client relationship and provides compensation to Kevin M. Carroll on an hourly basis.  When an hourly fee agreement is used the client will pay a retainer that is held in a separate account by Kevin M. Carroll.  As work is performed on the case regular bills are submitted to the client describing the legal services, the hours worked and the charges against the retainer.  When the retainer is reduced to a certain point Kevin M. Carroll will require further advance payments in order to pay for future services.  If the client fails to maintain the retainer, Kevin M. Carroll may seek permission of the court to withdraw from representation.  The standard hourly billing rate for Kevin M. Carroll is three hundred and seventy five ($375.00) dollars per hour.

Client Flat Fee Agreement - A flat fee agreement creates an attorney client relationship and providees a fixed compensation to Kevin M. Carroll for performance of a specific legal task.  Work is performed for the client for the agreed upon price and there are no further charges for legal services.  Expenses may not be part of the flat fee arrangement and the client may be responsible for expenses in addition to the payment of the flat fee.

Lawyer Litigation Support Contract - An attorney litigation support contract may be available to attorneys licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The fees charged for litigation support can be arranged on an hourly, flat fee or blended basis.  Work performed for attorneys is prepared for filing in court under the signature of the lawyer retained by the client.  The lawyer retained by the client is obligated to review and understand the materials before placing his/her signature on the papers filed in court.  The certification made to the court pursuant to Mass R Civ P 11 is made by the lawyer retained by the client and not by Kevin M. Carroll.  The hourly rates for Lawyer Litigation Support Services vary depending upon the nature and complexity of the work and the time constraints.  The range of hourly charges is between $100 and $200 dollars per hour.  It is estimated that litigation support services provided to attorneys is performed at a rate that is less than one half of the full fair value of the services rendered.  This reduced rate will allow attorneys to charge the client for the review and analysis of the finished product while maintaining an overall charge that is both fair and reasonable.